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New Location for Word Count Excel File

For those interested in the word count tracker for NaNoWriMo and similar events, I have changed the host for the file since I now have my own Web site and there are upcoming changes at the current host.  The file is now located here. 

Details about the file (modified from previous posts about the tracker): 

For NaNoWriMo 2008, I worked on an anthology, which required not only a means to track my daily progress against the ultimate goal of 50,000 words, but also required a means to track word count across all the stories/fragments written.  So I ended up creating a small Excel file which proved to be very useful for me.  I am making it available as others will probably find it useful as well. 

The second tab (tracking word count across stories/fragments) is rather straightforward: title in Column A and count in Column B, with the total word count auto-generated at the bottom (may need to scroll down to see it).  To make things easier to track for me, I typically only added a story/fragment to this tab once a story/fragment was completed. 

The first tab (tracking daily progress against the ultimate goal of 50,000 words) perhaps needs more explanation, and will also be the only tab required for those who are working in a single file for the entire NaNoWriMo/MinNoWriMo project.  In short, the only section to be completed by the user is Column C, adding the word count at the end of the given day; Columns D-H will then auto-update.  Column G also uses Excel's conditional formating feature, so this can be a great motivator: a green-shaded cell means one is ahead of pace, and a pink/red-shaded cell means one is behind pace.  Unfortunately, I am not an Excel expert, so I do not know how to eliminate the cell coloring for days where there is nothing listed in Column C.  For an example of how this looks (minus the cell shading, as it did not copy to LJ), see this post from my LJ from November 9, 2008. 

Hopefully this will be useful for others :-)  
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just a quick intro

Found this through someone else mentioning it. Considering I did a pathetic 17K in November, I'm hoping to make up for it now. Jut got through a week of orientation at new job, which means I'll be starting work, but after nursing school, I'm positive I'll have more time off to write. This time around I have barely an idea though, so we'll see how it works compared to the more planned out nov-failure.

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Any 2010 Participants?

I just happened to realize last night: March is just a few days away, and thus so is MinNoWriMo.  It is a bit surprising to not see any activity here in the past week or so.  Anyone planning on participating?  

I quite likely will, although I really doubt that I will be able to hit 50k in 14 days this time.  Thanks to a slow day at the office, I am able to put together a very rough story outline as a guide. 
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The Results?

Now that we have had a full weekend, hopefully everyone has caught up to pace (13,336 words by midnight) or ideally been able to get ahead of pace. 

I am curious what everyone will be doing with their stories once they are completed and edited.  Myself, mine will go to Literotica (I am writing a massive erotica tale), although I am still trying to decide whether to submit it all as one piece or cut it into smaller chapters. 


Care to share an excerpt from your novel or a synopsis? Have something you really enjoyed writing and want others to read it? Feel free to share here. Just don't let your inner editor get too carried away...
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Check Your Backup Protocols!!!

Full details here, but something we all need to take a moment to consider is the backup plan we have for our MinNoWriMo efforts (and all our important data in general).  Especially if one is able to come even halfway toward the daily writing goal, losing a day's progress can be a drastic loss in terms of momentum and especially state of mind. 

FYI, I have not actually lost any data, but it seems that I could have been really close to losing my MinNoWriMo progress (which was really significant yesterday). 

Word Count Shout Out: Day 1

If you’re going to be a writer, the first essential thing is just to write. Do not wait for an idea. Start writing something and the ideas will come. You have to turn the faucet on before the water starts to flow.
- Louis L’Amour

The day isn't nearly over, but I was here and felt like posting the fun quote I found. Then, I realized I had no where to post it until I remembered that you all might need some inspiration.

I assume we're doing word count shout outs. I know I always liked to share how far I got (or didn't get...).

So how far did you get?

Remember, it's a rough draft. It's not supposed to be perfect just yet. Just let your heart write and you can smooth away the blemishes later.
Happy writing!

Happy MinNoWriMo!

March is here? Already? Seriously? Wow. 2009 is really flying fast!

In light of our fun writing journey this month, I figured I'd list some resources for you all that I compiled during NaNo and after.

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Happy Writing Everyone!

Also, I was contemplating creating an image for winners, much like those given out after NaNo, if I have some extra time. Would anyone be interested in that? 

If you have any resources to add, let me know. (Yes, I know. I probably should have done this a week ago, but I forgot.)

ETA: Writing Sprint community on LJ and other LJ communities of interest.